Building the Ultimate Sleep Sanctuary with eve sleep

When Eve Sleep partnered with British Rowing to be their official sleep partner, we helped them design an immersive sleep sanctuary at the national training ground for the athletes to sleep better and achieve more restorative nights.

The Process

It was important to build a space that prioritized rest and recovery, the perfect combination for a great night’s sleep. The aim of our design was to minimize visual clutter, limiting the sleep sanctuary to just elements needed for optimal rest. We incorporated the warm colours of the eve sleep brand, complete with the original eve sleep mattress, duvet, memory foam pillow and soft linen sheets. The smooth, oak finishing created a comforting ‘home away from home’ feeling, making sure the rowers get the quality sleep they need to wake up ready to be at their best.

The Result

The soothing space was a crucial element in eve sleep’s partnership with British Rowing and saw a huge improvement in not just the sleep environment of the athletes but an increase in brand equity amongst all British Rowing members.

Client: EVE SLEEP x BRITISH ROWING TEAM | Location: Redgrave Pinsent Rowing Lake

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